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OMG. Isn't She Adorable?!?! I Just Adopted Her! :D by darknessangel00 OMG. Isn't She Adorable?!?! I Just Adopted Her! :D :icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 1 0
Can I Do This?
It's only been a few weeks,
Since I asked you if you thought,
This would go anywhere,
And you answered no,
I know that it was my suggestion,
That we be only friends,
And it was me that asked you this,
But, it still hurts so damn much,
It's pure agony what I feel,
Do you feel the same pain?
Did it even bother you?
It bothered me, it still does,
But I'm slowly getting over it,
One day at a time,
I'm taking small steps forward,
Not wanting to feel anymore pain,
And not wanting to linger in the past,
They are very small steps forward,
But I'm still moving forward nonetheless,
With each step, the pain diminishes more and more,
But then, I found out you never loved me at all,
It didn't surprise me more than it hurt,
The pain of that realization consumed me,
It hurt so much, I was wishing for death,
I wish I had known that before I fell in love with you,
When I realized you never loved me,
I got scared, I thought history was repeating itself,
I thought that what I believed was actually true,
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 0 0
What's Going On?
What's going on with you?
Won't you tell me please?
I have the distinct feeling that your avoiding me,
Is this true, are you avoiding me?
Did I do or say something wrong?
Please tell me what I did so I can say that I'm sorry,
I first thought there must be an explanation,
But after awhile, I started to wonder,
I started to have a feeling in my stomach that something was wrong,
I tried my best to ignore it, but I couldn't,
Then I started to think over and over,
What's going on? Somethings wrong,
But I didn't dare ask, because you'd say everythings fine,
But I know that's not true,
Every time I see you lately,
Your acting differently,
You seem distant, like your a million miles away,
Your there physically, but mentally, theres nothing there,
And it might be my imagination, but,
To me, it seems like you'd rather be anywhere else but there,
I can barely see it on your face,
Your trying to hide something from me,
What are you trying to hide?
Please tell me whats wrong, please,
Am I the re
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 3 4
I love you,
Three simple words,
That mean so much,
How is it possible,
To express how you feel in three words?
It seems like it should be so much more,
Than three simple words,
But it's not,
There are a million different ways,
To say "I love you",
But the simplest way to say it,
Is to actually say it to the person you loves face,
You can buy them flowers, or chocolates,
Write them poems, or songs,
Give them gifts,
But what expresses how you feel the most,
Is just to say I love you to them,
No one knows exactly what love feels like,
Some say it feels like butterflies in your stomach,
Every time you see the person,
Or your heart feels like its going to burst out of your chest,
Or some say you feel like with them is the safest place on Earth,
Like nothing bad could ever happen to you while your with them,
For each person, it doesn't always feel the same way,
There is not one way to describe what love feels like,
There are multiple ways to describe it,
It's basically the same for m
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 2 0
Falling Yet Again
I thought you would be my savior,
The one who would save me from the dark,
The one who'd catch me as I'm falling,
You're holding me in your arms,
But I feel your grip loosening around me,
I yet again start to fall, into the bottomless pit,
When I look up into your eyes,
Your face is blank of any emotions,
Its like you don't care that your letting me fall,
As I reach up to grab you,
My hands pass right through you,
As I fall away from you,
I feel my wounds start to reopen,
And bleed profusely down my body,
I scream out in utter agony,
Its like something is trying to claw its way out,
I look down at myself and see my wounds,
And all the blood that's pouring out of me,
This is it I think, the rest of my life,
Turning to dust right before my eyes,
The little shred of hope that I clung to, is gone,
I continue to cry out, I knew it was no use though,
No one would hear me, or save me,
I stopped screaming after awhile,
And just accepted the pain,
Welcoming it with open arms,
I accepted my fate
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 0 0
_ by darknessangel00 _ :icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 0 0
My World
I feel like screaming and crying at the same time,
My world feels like it's spinning out of control,
Slipping out of my grip, out of reach,
Everywhere I turn,
I see pain and destruction,
I'm yelling out for someone to hear me,
Begging and pleading, anyone to help me,
To make everything go away,
To make the pain and suffering in me to stop,
Please, somebody, anybody, please, help me...,
I can't take it anymore,
I can't breathe,
Please make the pain stop, please...,
I'm begging you,
I just want it to end already,
I can't take anymore,
Everything in my world that seems stable,
Eventually turns to dust,
And I'm left, scrambling around,
Trying to cling to something,
Anything that won't fall apart,
So I can keep the last shred of my sanity,
I'm standing on the edge of a dark hole,
Looking down, not seeing the bottom,
It seems every step I take,
Brings me closer and closer to falling in,
And if I fall in, I'm afraid,
I won't ever get back out again,
Someone, anyone please,
Please save me befo
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 0 0
Thinking Of You
As i lay here on my bed,
I'm thinking about you,
Like I always do,
I let my mind run free,
Picturing your face in my mind,
I've memorized every inch of it,
I'm thinking about your lips on mine,
About the rush I get each time our lips meet,
I'm thinking about your kind and gentle eyes,
I'm thinking about your beautiful smile,
I wish you were here next to me,
So I can wrap my arms around you,
And snuggle against you,
I just need to hear your voice,
And see your angle like face,
I'm feeling like I'm not really here,
I look around me and everything seems fake,
I'm slowly losing it,
I need you here with me right now,
I need to feel your touch,
So I know that this is real,
It's like everything is in slow motion,
And I'm slipping and slowly falling,
I'm reaching out, my arms reaching for you,
But your nowhere in sight,
I need you right now,
I need to feel you near me,
So I can know that everything is real,
My fingers itch to grab my phone and text you,
But I know you won't get it,
Because you
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 1 0
Mature content
My World :icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 0 0
Mature content
My journey To Hell Part Four :icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 0 2
Cursed Part One
(This is going to be a story about myself and my boyfriend. This won't be solely based on me and him, you'll see what I mean when you read the story. It's something I've been meaning to write for awhile now. This is going to be pure fiction. None of this ever and never will happen. This is just a idea I had awhile ago. This story will start after a day at college, and I'm walking out to my car.
Character Descriptions ~
Princess Krystal Black (me) ~ Five foot six, bright, short red hair, ice blue eyes, princess of the world, 21 years old, 120 lbs,
Prince Kishan Black ~ Krystal's brother, long black hair, six foot four, muscular, blue eyes, prince of the world, 22 years old, 175 lbs,
Dean Smith (my bf, I was thinking of Supernatural when I picked the name.) ~ Krystal's boyfriend, six foot, long brown hair, black eyes, 21 years old, 150 lbs,
(I'll add other character descriptions later.)
I was wa
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 0 0
Mature content
Do You Know? :icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 1 0
Everyday I hide in my room,
Trying to get away from the pain and loneliness.
No matter how hard I try,
It always finds a way back inside.
I've lost all hope.
I'm almost at the point of no return.
I scream and yell for help,
But no one seems to hear a thing.
It's like yelling at a wall.
I'm growing more and more tired,
Of trying to fix something,
That is unrepairable.
I try to fix my heart,
And try to stitch up my wounds,
But the pieces of my heart,
Won't fit together anymore,
And keep falling apart.
My wounds won't seem to heal,
They'll just open back up,
And bleed all over again,
Even though the wounds aren't physical,
They sure as hell feel like it.
It feels like I'm falling into a dark hole,
That keeps getting darker and darker,
That will never stop.
I could picture it my head,
Falling into a dark hole,
My arms spread wide,
My hair flowing out like a halo around my head,
With blood running down my arms, face and throat,
The life bleeding out of me.
My eyes closed,
And i'm just a
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 1 0
Ugly Scars
My spirit and soul are scarred,
With red ugly marks,
Don't look at me,
I know I'm ugly with these scars,
Don't tell me otherwise,
I won't believe you,
Just go away,
I'd rather be alone with the scars,
Why do you want to be around something so ugly?
With scars like these?
No one could possibly care about something so ugly.
So why not not go away and leave me alone?
Why are you still here?
Please go away and leave me alone.
It seems like everyone else has,
The only thing that hasn't left are these ugly scars,
Seems they are my only real friend anymore.
They are there everyday,
Staring at me,
Mocking me,
I can't bear to look in the mirror much anymore,
I know what will be staring back at me,
The ugliness of my scars,
Jagged red scars,
I don't even feel alive anymore,
Only thing that's left is the scars, the pain,
And the empty shell of what I used to be,
The pain is the only thing that's telling me I'm still alive.
Why are you still standing there?
Please, please go away,
And leave me alo
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 1 0
Mature content
My Journey To Hell Part Three :icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 0 0
My Journey To Hell Part Two
Instantly, I knew he had to be the leader of those other things. It was hard to tell if he was human or not. The only indication that he wasn't human were his eyes, completely black. He slowly started walking towards me, but stooped when he got within a few feet of me. I couldn't see much of him except his face. He had a more human- like face than those other things.
    He was staring at me, his eyes going up and down my body. I heard a low growl come from him. In his eyes, there was hunger, lust, and desire. His gaze moved back up my body until they locked on mine. A cruel smile spread across his face.
   "Hello, Claire."
   "Y-you know my name?"
   "I know many things my dear. I've been following you for quite awhile now."
   "You do know there are laws about stalking people don't you?" My voice dripping with sarcasm.
   He continued on as if I hadn't spoken. "I first caught a glimpse of you about three or four months ago.
:icondarknessangel00:darknessangel00 0 0


Sada Wolf by Lucky978 Sada Wolf :iconlucky978:Lucky978 528 37 Moon Water Wolf by ArtemisA-wolf Moon Water Wolf :iconartemisa-wolf:ArtemisA-wolf 728 52 Atlantis Wolf by Nylak Atlantis Wolf :iconnylak:Nylak 1,286 107 Wolf of Shadows by TheTyro Wolf of Shadows :iconthetyro:TheTyro 1,240 87
Losing Myself
Wrench my heart out
Leave it bleeding on the floor
Stomp on it
Crush it beneath the weight of your oppression

Boot on the chest
Pressing down
Can't breathe
Going down....

Losing what's left of me

Memories disappear
Washed away
All that's left is this cold
The daughter you've always wanted

She's not me

The real me is in hiding somewhere
But she isn't in control anymore
As if she ever was
It's been a fight to survive
A fight against becoming...this

My mind
My spirit
Is broken
Tired of this
But what can I do?

I see the capsules

Nobody's looking
Take the bottle
The whole thing
Put on my old face
My death mask

It looks strange somehow
Eerily familiar
A ghost of my past
Distracted for a moment
Forget my purpose
The pills.

Stand proud and tall
Take them slowly
One after the other
Until I feel sleepy
Going down...

:iconlies-that-cut:lies-that-cut 11 35
I still feel weird about that night;
That night of horrors mixed in love.
I still don't know every emotion I felt;
Why was I made to feel that way?
I didn't do anything,
I didn't know anything,
I didn't suspect
Until I was told.
I asked but I didn't get an answer.
I tried but it was too much.
I cried until I gasped;
Hyperventilated in a vortex.
Where was my sanity?
Grasping at shreds,
I held on for my heart.
And I'm still here.
:iconmojal:MOJAL 19 8
Crushes Poem 1
They happen to everyone,
Yet no one seems to enjoy them much.
Most of the time they hurt,
Sadden you,
And drive you nuts.
Sometimes, though
They will go right,
You and your crush may become closer,
A couple, perhaps.
But other times it is hard for you to get over your crush.
You may be close friends with the person,
Not saying a word, since you don’t want to ruin anything.
These are the times where it hurts.
Crushes are hard,
Crushes are nice,
Crushes are sad,
Yet some may be glad.
No one can predict these kinds of things,
I wouldn’t be surprised.
It is a very random thing,
Sometimes easy to despise.
Don’t give up,
Don’t give in,
Just wait it out,
And what happens is yet to be seen.
Crushes. Just a little thing that happens once in a while.
:iconzelyn-chan:Zelyn-Chan 11 24
" I Love her"
You said those three words making my heart sink.
like my heart was a boat gusting with water and over floating
with pain
Your green eyes
Your smile
Your Kindness
Your way of saying my name
I love but why can't you see
Just  A friend
Just A best friend
but you always look pass me
like I'm invisible
but i'm not, you know that
A Beauty queen, that's what you want?
" Why?"
To have someone that is beautiful on the outside but ugly inside?  
Her  Bad attitude that what's you love?
No, her sitting on boys's laps when you are not there?
is this what you love about her?
Could you ever  love ... an awkward girl?
:iconendlessdreamerxoxo:EndlessDreamerxoxo 22 5
Blood trickles down my arm
Staning white flesh red
pouring from my vains
With the little strength i have i lift my arm to my mouth
I drink, i drink for friends i've had, friends i'll never have and those who i've lost
My arm falls limp
Maybe it's the pills... i took so many
Maybe it's lack of blood.... which now pools around me
Maybe it's my heart that has shattered into a million peices
Maybe it's all or nothing
Maybe it's you
I trusted you
I loved you like a sister
Now you yell and call me all the things you got mad at others for calling me
Maybe my life will end
Maybe once again my fate will be diffrent
I hear my mom enter the house
I try and respond
My lips are dry and cracked only allowing a hushed sighed
My mom panicks i hear her foot steps come closer... the door knob wiggles.... it's locked
I reach up with the last of my strength i open the door
She rushes in crying at the sight i whisper all to gently
"I'm Sorry"
That was the end to the tale
I never did awake from my slumber
:iconyaoi-fangirl-kickass:yaoi-fangirl-kickass 27 18
Look Closer
Can you not see?
Her face is shallow.
Her eyes are fragile.
Can you not see?
Her body is reducing.
Ana is too good at seducing.
Can you not see?  
She shouldn't be this thin.
Not even when she sucks in.
Can you not see?  
She's fading away.
Fighting less and less each day.
Can you not see?
Only you can save her.
You alone are the cure.
Can you not see?
You must save her before it's too late.
You must free her of self-hate.
Can you not see?
She's about to take her last breath.
Reach her, before she is greeted by death.
:iconbethanyyjoelle:BethanyyJoelle 17 0
Silently Thanks
Silently Thanks
*This is a fanfiction which contains a few pairings but still one ultimate one. This contains CloTi, a tiny mention of Zaerith and mainly Clack (the pairing the fiction is for) which means that this is ultimately a Yaoi fanfiction, if you do not like Yaoi then please leave the page.
*This fanfiction also crosses over with Kingdom Hearts with the mention of Xion and Namine being Tifa and Cloud's children.
* Usual Thing - I don't own the characters, nor the games of which they come from, just the plot of my fanfiction

It felt empty to be inside his bed without her there. Her soft skin pressed against his as he held her close to keep warm. The way she would playfully giggle whenever he kissed her shoulder had sounded like an angel singing and it would have been the perfect way to describe her. She had been there throughout everything in his life and he couldn't bare the fact that he would now have to go
:iconzakkur-a:Zakkur-a 129 40
For I am a daughter of the Dark
Who longs for a son of the Light
You shall never show tenderness to me
But my passion for you remains undying
Shall you ever see me as I see you?
Or shall I always be in the dark
Watching, waiting for you to realize
How perfectly we belong
My love for you can never be
My lust for you is my curse
When will I ever realize
That you shall never be my forbidden love
:iconprecious-vervain:precious-vervain 114 19
Anime eyes by DestinyBlue Anime eyes :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 23,943 1,511 Agression vs Fear in Wolves cheat sheet: Snarls by KFCemployee Agression vs Fear in Wolves cheat sheet: Snarls :iconkfcemployee:KFCemployee 2,622 45 Gallytrot Referrence Sheet by OrderoftheGallytrot
Mature content
Gallytrot Referrence Sheet :iconorderofthegallytrot:OrderoftheGallytrot 245 17
Echo Ref Sheet by Jemanite Echo Ref Sheet :iconjemanite:Jemanite 219 47




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